Crazy shot on Lake Shawnee 18th hole

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Crazy shot on Lake Shawnee 18th hole

Postby ACE » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:52 pm

Never shot an Ace before but listen to this one. This was my first time out at Shawnee's 18th hole course and was playing with 2 other buddies. And we had a bet goin for 2 bucks everyone puts in and the pot is 6 bucks so you win 4 if you shoot the best score. So we start off and as things go by I find myself down a stroke to my brother on the 18th hole. He was 7 over and I was 8 over. So this was it, he had the pad and decided to play it safe before the water. So I thought about it and went for it, through an old z-flick since I really didn't mind if it ended up in the water. So I threw the plastic and it was looking good, pretty high in the air coming hard down left, easy over the water so I was safe and it pierced all the trees and caught the chains of the basket and fell out. I was bummed but still excited! Good shot for me and I like that course and am definately going Saturday.

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