2005 season

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2005 season

Postby smitty » Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:13 pm

What up all? We had a small Pow Wow at Beloit. The goal was to hear the voices of all of us, the KDGA.

Here are some of the things that we came up with:
1) Make the season longer.
-This may mean an Ice Bowl would count as that towns event.

2) Don't worry about the PDGA events as much.
- We took off several weekends for PDGA events in surrounding states. Only to have 3 or 4 KDGA members make the trip.

We probably had others, I just cannot remember all of them.

I am already starting to get things organized for next year. I would like to have a working schedule to give out at the end of the year party.

Here are some things that I am thinking. Let me know what you think!!

**Stockton and Linds are off the schedule. We have no members from either town.

**I would like to add a few courses to the mix. Ark City and Abilene for sure. Topeka and KC???

**I think that we should charge non members to play our events. The PDGA does it, why don't we? It would not be much, just enough to encourage non-members to sign up. Maybe $3 -$5 per event.

**I think that if someone is going to be a TD, they also need to be a KDGA member.

**I would like to play a few different formats.
- team championships
- state doubles championships
- skins format (what we play in Stockton)
- Match play (What we had in Great Bend)
- We should have a state championships that is a USDGC qualifier

**I think that our PDGA events should be separate from KDGA events.
-This would be a good time to host a different format event.

Just some ideas. Let me know what you all are thinking.


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Postby smitty » Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:47 pm

What I am saying is, KDGA events should be seperate from PDGA events. We could run both kinds of events at the same course on different weekends.

People who don't run events don't know how much money both organizations take. The KDGA takes $2/head, and PDGA takes more based on the type of tier.

This is just an idea. The KDGA is more than just 4 or 5 people, it is anyone who is a member. Everyone has a voice and should use it.


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Postby kennyt » Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:27 am

Tsall gooood. Smitty, I like the way you think. Good ideas. I do believe the scheduling is your calling. Throw away the discs and pick up pencil and paper. You da man :lol:

1.charge nonmembers- good
2.TD's members- good/ hard to enforce
:idea: a. maybe TD's could get a membership discount?
b. $5-$10 :?:
3.different formats- good :wink:
4.PDGA separate from KDGA- no opinion and no idea.[/list]
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Postby smitty » Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:42 pm

I would not schedule a KDGA event the same weekend as the our normal PDGA events.

I do think that if we had a KDGA event a month ahead of the PDGA event, clubs could raise a little money for the PDGA event. I want to have as many PDGA events in the state as possible.

Just some ideas. I will NOT schedule around our neighbors PDGA events. Only a few of us travel to them anyway.


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Postby Eaglehigh99 » Fri Aug 06, 2004 1:12 pm

I personally believe that separating a "city's" KDGA event from its PDGA event is a bad idea. :(

Trying to get sponsorships for two tournaments instead of one (or four instead of two) would be a real bitch! It would most likely push down the pay-outs at both tournaments (most likely worse for the KDGA only tournament) as well as the attendance.

In addition, its hard enough getting the needed volunteers for one or two tournaments a year. Why double the work of running quality tournaments.

They did that in Topeka and we ended up not having a KDGA event there this year. :cry:

We did fine covering the additional cost of two sets of fees for one event by raising sponsors to help with the pay-outs.

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Postby _dm4 » Fri Aug 06, 2004 3:08 pm

Sounds like some good ideas (KDGA guys)! I don't think you should limit tourneys to towns who have KDGA members. You might be shootin yourself in the foot. You never know who is goin to live where. I would like to play Dodge and Ransom next year. Closer for me. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

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Postby Master Dyck » Fri Aug 06, 2004 10:30 pm

Just to let you all know....I am planning to have a small 3X 12 basket tourney sometime in the next month or so....was hoping to have it in conjunction with McPherson since I'm so close to there...but I see that won't work because of the ODAR.....unless I could get enough interest.....Also I would be very interested in running a full tournament here on the farm next year and hopefully a two dayer the next year......

I think as long as someone wants to be TD for a city/town we shouldn't deny them the opportunity. Run some polls for the questionable towns and see what the interest is.....if noone responds for certain towns then scrap them.....Having a tourney in a town with no member may just give someone incentive to become a member because we hold it there....

I think having an all-year KDGA schedule is a great idea....that would solve Wichita's problem as well as Hays......with their Ice Bowls counting for a KDGA events.....

I think there needs to be more that one or two people in charge of the tourney schedule.....get a group of 3-5 together to make the job easier.....speaking of: I think we need a governing body of some type in the KDGA organization....we are getting big enough that it shouldn't be left up to just two or three people....there should be at least one representative from each division on this governing body to give each division a voice.....just a thought.....

Good job to all the TD's and everyone who makes the KDGA a great success.....I am thankful to belong to such a great organization...

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Postby Schoen-hopper » Sat Aug 07, 2004 12:56 am

Good ideas. I have a few opinions.

Making the season longer or adding new tournaments is a good idea. You know I'm all about playing KDGA in Kansas City. Yeah, WW is in Missouri, but we do play a few out-of-staters (and none so far in MO). We just got to get the word out. Flyers at the courses would probably work.

Charging nonmembers would be alright, but 1, 2 dollars max. One of the main reasons for good attendance in KDGA events is cheap entry fees.

Requiring TDs to have membership? I'm not sure why this would be necessary. Not worth the hassle in rescheduling over 1 person's membership.

Seperating KDGA events from PDGA events would probably drop the attendance some for both events, so I think that might be a mistake. As far as not scheduling around PDGA events, that's cool, except for maybe huge events that aren't that far away. How many weekends did we keep clear for the sake of other tournaments this year?

Mixing up the formats and adding new stuff like a state championship sounds great. It looks like the results of alternate formats have been very successful so far.

Keep up the brainstorming Smitty. This might lead somewhere... :roll:

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My thoughts

Postby Notorious ROG » Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:29 pm

TD's MUST BE MEMBERS is a REAL good idea, there are others willing to do the work that are members IMHO. I would volunteer if someone wants to learn me the ropes.

2 day tourneys with camping is always FUN.

Non Members should pay extra for the tourneys at least 2 bucks maybe more.

Build on the good turnout tourneys and filter or rotate the ones that just don't get as much attention.

Special events are always cool. State Doubles, State Championships, etc.

Press releases to local papers for inclusion in Sports Box Scores of division winners and hosting locations.... generate some more interest in our sport....

Master Dyck
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Postby Master Dyck » Sat Aug 07, 2004 7:21 pm

Press releases and articles with scores of at least the locals does work.....when I lived in Norton....I would write up a small article announcing upcoming tournaments and also announcing the results of Norton people who attended....They always printed it for me....I know Norton is a small town but if you let the sports writer in your town/city know what is going on with disc golf...I'm sure they would soon be contacting you for more information....

Those interested in doing clinics should do so whenever possible both in towns with a lot of players and those which would make good sites for a course.....contact the local PE teacher, Athletic director and Rec Commisioner of Schools, Colleges and City Rec Depts.......I would love to help someone do a clinic somewhere......We need to get colleges involved.....there should be a course in every town with a college in Kansas......who knows maybe they will start intercollegiate competitions.....what a great boost to the sport that would be.....

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Postby smitty » Sun Aug 08, 2004 9:29 pm

I think that 1 person (me) making the schedule will work fine. I get input from each TD as to when they want their event.

As far as the far eastern part of the state goes....I think we are fighting a losing battle. They have too much other stuff going on.

I think that a TD needs to be a member. Every event that I can think of that had any major problems, the TD was not a member. If a member wants to run an event in another town that is cool! I will probably do an event in Ransom and maybe DC.

I want to avoid 2 day events. Some will be 2 days Salina, who doesn't want 4 rounds at the Rock? Beloit camp for free, who can pass that up? Colby/Norton we do good to get 20 people to travel that far west.

Hutch got bit in the butt this year. They had a 2 day event following DooDah. The PDGA doesn't say that a C tier needs to be 2 days long! They both would have had as good or even better turnout going 1 day.

Keep the ideas flowing


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Postby str8 » Wed Aug 11, 2004 2:03 am


I think that not playing a course where we have no KDGA members is a bad idea. My thought is this. Even if we have no members from that community we should contact either the visitors bureau or parks director and explain our situation. This gives the community the opportunity to lay the groundwork for us. By that I mean sponsorship and course maintenance. Then all we have to do is provide a TD. Hell, they may even have someone do that for us.

I guess what made me think of this is the Beloit tournament. Dick Myers went out and gathered prizes and other sponsors. If we close the door like you suggested, we might lose the opportunity to establish a working relationship with the community. Worst case scenario, they're not interested in us attending there community so we don't play their course. Best case scenario, we meet some cool small town individuals who welcome us to there community and help us organize a tournament.

I think the city of Lindsborg would flip if they new they had the 2nd course built in the state of Kansas and that it was partially desinged by Ed Headrick. I can't believe they pulled the course. I bet they'd kick themselves in the A$$ if they only new. A lot of these communities don't know what they have. That's why we need to do the research and communicate with each other what we know. Headrick knew what he was doing by creating a sport that could be played at a community park. It attracts visitors to a community and thus generates $ into the community. Any VB would quote you how much $ is spent in there community by a visitor per weekend. The demographics are more appealing for small town communities.

I'd be willing to help do a sh*t ton of PR work over the winter. Putting together media tools is something I can use for my resume so I don't mind. But I need help. I've tried for over a year to find the grassroots of our Kansas Disc golf courses. But parks records are vague at best, and the PDGA course directory is off. For example, the Beloit corse is listed as installed 1995. But Jason Myers said he was playing in middle school which would have been late 80's to early 90's. It would be difficult and time consuming to complete the list, but the end result establishes our credibility as an organization.

Anyway, that's my two cents.


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Postby Myers » Sat Aug 28, 2004 3:54 pm

I've personally enjoyed Stockton and Beloit's tourny the past 2 years. Beloit's put some work in to the course the past 2 years and it'd be a shame to skip out on. The free camping is also a plus for the golfers!!!
I know that there are no local players in Stockton and really not much in the town to offer anyone but I think bringing in our own TD has worked out fine. I'm thinking a BBQ would be nice for next years tourny. Save the trouble of waiting at Gambinos for 45 minutes over out lunch break. The stockton tourny is also nice and close to Hays for some great doubles play on Saturday night. There's pleanty of places to crash in hays!!!

That's all I got

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Postby Eaglehigh99 » Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:43 pm

Why do we need to avoid two day events. :cry: Also, if we allow any tournament to be a two day event such as Salina, Beloit or the Friz, how can we say another tournament cannot be a two day event. :?

Prior to some problems :( , the Doo Dah was always a two day tournament held in May near or during the River Festival. 8) It was simply moved back to its traditional timeframe in 2004 as had previously been discussed with Scott. Part of last year's problem was a lack of communication of what had previously been planned. :( Hopefully, we can avoid such this year. :D

As far as the two day/one day turn-out, I was told by the guys that came from Oklahoma such as Coda that they skipped closer one day tournaments to come to the Doo Dah because it was a two day tournament. 8)

The 2005 Doo Dah has already been pre-scheduled for May the weekend after mothers' day as a two day event planning on being both a KDGA and a PDGA event (probably B this year but not certain right now).

P.S. We promise no Lightning discs in the winners payout in 2005 unless we allow exchanges. Too many complaints. :oops: I guess we all have to "live and learn" once in a while. 8)

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Postby opie » Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:21 pm

Two day tourney:Some people have jobs and,or church to go to on the weekends.They may only be able to attend one day or the other.

Longer tourney schedule:I am all for it.Maybe have mid December to mid January down time. YOU WILL GET PLENTY OF REST WHEN YOU ARE DEAD!!! :lol:

Diffrent formats: COOOOOOOOL!!! 8)

KDGA TD'S:Include not exlcude.!?

Eastern or Western tourneys:Maybe every other year.

Statewide UNIFORM payouts: :?:

More disc golf.

That's about all I got to say about that.
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