KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby jlsherwood » Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:27 pm

Going to Tick Ranch this Saturday? Brunch will be offered on site:
Brunch Menu & Price.
Bowl of Homemade Green Chili
Egg and Sausage Casserole
Hash browns
Fried Corn Meal Mush with Butter & Maple Syrup
Bottle of Water
Cost $8.00

There is nowhere close enough to travel for the lunch break so if you don't want the brunch you'll want to bring your own food.

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby Boebo » Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:38 pm

Sounds delicious, just to clarify this "Brunch" will be served over the lunch break, right? Seems pretty straight forward, just don't know why we're not calling it lunch! Either way count me in 8)

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby Swede » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:01 pm

Are the Mulligans unlimited? Or is 5 the max?
Throw Millennium.

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby belsan21 » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:39 pm

Swede wrote:Are the Mulligans unlimited? Or is 5 the max?

In past years, it's been a max of 5. I assume it will be the same tomorrow.

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby pironix » Sat Mar 21, 2015 12:05 am

That's what Bill said when we spoke about it in Newton at the kick off....

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Re: KDSSF Scholarship Tourney @ Tick Ranch

Postby discscout » Sun Mar 22, 2015 1:02 am

Here are the results that I know. There were 69 players that enjoyed beautiful golf weather. The foundation took in well over $1000. As you may already know; half will be available next year for a scholarship (this years juniors) and the other half will go toward principal so we have a sizeable chunk of money to get interest. It's growing. As reported at the tourney; over $4000 has been given away since the KDSSF inception. All but one person bought the 5 mulligans for $5. And everyone that had them; used them. Here are the results from the tourney. Moses Hit an Ace and received the entire $69 for an ace on hole 8.
1st Chris Smith 45,45,90
2nd Brandon Nelson 47,44,91
3rd Mike Unruh 48,44,92
4th Crispin 45, 48,93
5th Wiggins 48,47,95
6th Shane Crisler 46,51,97
7th JD 51,47,98
8th Scooba 50,49,99
9th Jeff Ring 50,52,102
10th Brad Roeder 49,55,104
11th Mike Junod 54,53,107
Open Women:
1st Miranda Fulton 55,65,120
2nd Rachel 59, 63,122
3rd Cae Morris 66,69,135
1st Duck 47,48,95
1st Curtis Broadhurst 46,49,95
3rd Scott Parker 52,55,107
1st Buddy Kassner 49,47,96
2nd David Stanford 54,51,105
3rd Dave Richardson 53,57,110
4th Lyndell Masters 59,53,112
5th Bruce "The Friz Rocker" 58,56,114
6th Randy Sullard 58, DNF
1st Jehramy Hickman 47,50,97
2nd Taylor Camp 52,48,100
3rd BT 50,51,101
4th Steve "Twitch" Deere 53,50,103
4th Tim Nispel 49,54,103
6th Joe Belsan 49,55 104
7th Taylor Schrader 57,52,109
8th William Whillocke 53,57,110
9th Tyler Tilley 57,54,111
10th Justin Burba 55,57,112
11th Josh Schrader 57,52,109
1st Kevin Biles 49,52,101 won Playoff
2nd Cody Yates 49,52,101
3rd Nick Parsons 51,53 104
4th Alex Zollman 54,52,106
4th Chuck Evans 53,53,106
6th Don McCaig 55,52,107
7th Eric Wall 55,53,108
7th Moses Reed 55,53,108
7th Chris Herring 52,56,108
10th Joe Burt 55,55,110
11th Butch Stewart 56,55,111
11th Josh kelley 52,59,111
13th Jarod Wiens 59,57,116
14th Jason Winkel 60,57,117
15th JDS 61,63,124
Am Women:
1st Cathy Flanagan
Am Master:
1st Boebo 51,56,107
2nd Jeremy Kindy 55,52,107
3rd Cliff Zollman 53,55,108
4th Isaac Dimitt 52,58,110
5th Rick Bacon 52,60,112
6th Arty Hicks 54,63,117
Am Grand Master:
1st Tod Palmer 53,52,105
1st Mark Morris 52,53,105
3rd Tom Diener 58,49,107
Am Senior Grand Master:
1st Tom Laha 50,52,102
2nd Marty Hunt 57,59,116
3rd Jerry Sherwood 61,66,127
1st Dustin Decker 55,62 117
2nd Brian Brandos 65,56,121
3rd Josh Priebe 68,61, 129
4th Ben Priebe 67,63,130
5th Matt Priebe 68,65,133
6th Jess Stewart 66,68,134
7th Mike Paulson 65,75,140
Everyone of these players donated five dollars of their entry fee and purchased $5 worth of mulligans; that alone generated $685 (remember one person played with no mullies. The KDGA donated $138, the Air Capital $75 and the Little River Club $50 and the "Chained" Women of Wichita donated $20. There were numerous individual donors; Mike Holman, Scott Parker, Jess Stewart, Mike Paulson, Mike Schoenhofer, Buddy Kassner. And then there were all the people and groups that donated merchandise for prizes and Raffles. I won't mention them all because I don't know everyone that donated since Ducks Disc handled the Raffle which generated over $300. But those that I do Know; Dynamic Discs, Ducks Discs, Hand-Eye, KDGA, Hyzernaut and numerous individuals.
Thanks to everyone that gave, everyone that played and everyone that shared the fun of playing on the Equinox.

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