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The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by smitty »

Great time, great friends, great tourney. There are some shots on that course that you cannot throw anyplace else. 1,2(on the rock), 3, 13, 14, 17, & 18 are all prime examples.

I vote for over the road as ob on holes 7, 8, 9, 12 for sure.

Thanks for all your work Salina crew.
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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by mrsenortyler »

It's easy to see what makes this one of the best tournaments of the year. The Staff, the course, the players, and the fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Also, thanks to Dancing Weasel, Duct tape Wilderbeast, Kuhndoggle, Jake the Snake, and Flying Phoenix for a great last round. If you weren't playing The ROCK this weekend, you sure missed out.

I am also for across the road being OB on those holes. On 7 & 8, & 12 it kind of impedes traffic when players are in each others fairways, plus it can be dangerous.
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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by MOthrows »

Another fantastic Rock experience! A big thanks to all of the Salina crew for all of the hard work that goes into making this such a great, great, event! It was a blast getting to see all of my old friends and making some new ones. Mace is the man and knows how to run a tourney for sure! Due to the large amount of interest in what it takes to be a part of the Blue Thunder team, I've started to think about some essentials of what it takes to be part of team Blue Thunder. Soon I will have an application thread. A couple of things that are absolutey required to be part of the team. 1. The first rule of Team Blue Thunder is that you must always talk about Team Blue Thunder. 2. There is absolutely, positively, no running on the Blue Thunder team. Anyone caught doing so will have to face a board of inquisition and answer for their actions. 3. Above all else our focus is on fun and frivolity, scores are meaningless and making great friends and memories are paramount. There will be more to come. The Rock, Rocked!!!!
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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by jump_putter »

Thanks to all the Salina crew!! You guys were bad ass!!! Course was tight, tourney ran smooth and the payout was NICE!!!

Was a blast as always. My tourney wasn't going very well at all thru 3 rounds and I was pretty unhappy with my play for the weekend and then it all changed with one toss...... I "Rock"ed my first ever tourney ace this weekend on my first throw of the final round. A spike hyzer to the dead center of the bucket on #2 ON TOP OF "THE ROCK"!! It was freaking awesome!! Im sure my yells were heard from many holes away....

It was very cool to have the boys playing behind us all weekend so I could watch them throw some of the sweet shots that the course has like the "Island" hole...

Was nice to see Smittopher back on the trail, he has been sidelined for the majority of my time back on the scene with injuries. I've been playing golf with that dude for a long time and I always have fun playing with him. (ssshhh!! Dont tell him I said that)

Congrats to the Okie, he was pretty legit on Sunday. Also to Downtown R.B., that dude is good on the golf course, but OH MY GODDD, that guy is SICK on the guitar!!!!! He played us some songs after the tourney and I was FLOORED :shock: at how good he is. He is the KDGA Idol for sure!!!!
-Ronnie Unruh #20079
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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by Kindy »

What a great weekend. This tourney always falls around my birthday so I had a blast this weekend. Had the pleasure of playing with team Blue Thunder for my second round. Though I played terrible that round I laughed throughout. It was fun. Always a good time at "The Rock". See everyone next year.
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Re: The Rock Apr 30st-May 1st

Post by Ruder »

Thanks to Mace and Salina crew for The Rock it was AWESOME as usual can't wait for next year.

AND Thanks to RB for singin the BLUES when it was all over! That was AWESOME
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