Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby crispinthomascarrasco » Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:04 am



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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby mehuntdisc » Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:28 am

Sorry about that! It's the science teacher in me asking questions, not the disc player!

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby Swede » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:18 pm


Fancy a spot of Frolf, Gents?
Throw Millennium.

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby paul » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:47 pm


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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby Boebo » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:59 pm

Straight off the road crew!

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby smitty » Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:02 am


Geez! Thanks a ton Marty!

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby paul » Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:23 pm

Thanks to Crispin and the handeye crew. awesome after party,awards and beautiful weather! Come to Ponca April 7th homies

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby pironix » Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:54 pm

Edit - Fixed some scores...

FA1 Cae Morris 80
FA1 Melanie Snodgrass 82
FPO Miranda Foulton 69
MA1 Joe Boller 63
MA1 Eric Blatnick 64
MA1 Jason Snodgrass 65
MA1 Ryan Doyle 65
MA1 Mike Unruh 67
MA1 Brian Thompson 68
MA1 Rod Cooley 68
MA1 Zachary Young 68
MA1 Jeff Vest 69
MA1 Mike Junod 69
MA1 Brandon Tull 70
MA1 Scott Glass 71
MA1 Steven Deere 71
MA1 Jason Childre 72
MA1 Russell Trice 72
MA1 Jason Adkins 73
MA1 Robert Robbins 73
MA1 Taylor Camp 74
MA1 Nathan Taylor 75
MA1 Will Whillock 77
MA1 Jeremy Kindy 82
MA1 Branden Rusk 999
MA2 Joe Belsan 60
MA2 Aaron Suiter 63
MA2 Max Whaley 66
MA2 Jehrmey Heckman 68
MA2 Tim Brown 69
MA2 Corey Harrison 71
MA2 Patrick Smith 71
MA2 Paul Hanger 71
MA2 Robert Coley 72
MA2 Chuck Evans 73
MA2 Daniel Couey 73
MA2 Mark Wilson 73
MA2 Adam Hartley 74
MA2 Ryan Ashby 76
MA2 Arturo Ceja 78
MA2 Lloyd Majors 78
MA2 Armando Ceja 81
MA2 Michael Mendenhall 89
MG1 Mark Morris 65
MG1 Marty Hunt 70
MG1 Jeff Laha 70
MG1 Bill Taylor 73
MG1 Jerry Sherwood 84
MG1 Steve Brown 85
MM1 Greg (Boebo) Larmer 64
MM1 Stephen (Lizard) Volbruck 65
MM1 Jim Miner 69
MM1 Don Zimmerman 71
MM1 Tod Palmer 71
MM1 Arty Hicks 73
MM1 Jason Dahl 82
MM1 Tom Diener 84
MM1 Chuck Smitley 999
MPG Buddy Kassner 66
MPG Dennis Vahsholtz 68
MPG Lenny Edwards 68
MPM Jared Kintzel 59
MPM Curtis Broadhurst 61
MPM Chris Dendurent 65
MPM James McLaughlin 65
MPM Shan Mann 65
MPM Tom Vierthaler 66
MPM Scott Parker 73
MPO JD Wyatt 53
MPO Ron Unruh 57
MPO Chris Smith 58
MPO Ron Convers 58
MPO Casey Fluty 59
MPO Ben Wiggins 60
MPO Iqbal Jehan 60
MPO Phil Schmidt 60
MPO Brendan Hickman 61
MPO Bo Carrasco 62
MPO Brandon Nelson 62
MPO Andy Horning 62
MPO Shane Crisler 63
MPO Russ Horning 65
MPO Chris Brubock 65
MPO Kevin Kaiser 66
MPO Tyler Patzner 66
MPO Austin Streit 68
MPO Tracy Ruder 72

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby crispinthomascarrasco » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:08 pm

Well, that was rough for everyone involved. Even though I am looking forward to forgetting this last Saturday all together, I want to make some acknowledgements and give a brief explanation as to how and why the event transpired the way it did. Everyone knows that the weather is about the only thing a TD cannot control. With that said, I want to thank every person who came out to Stone Creek on Saturday. Like all the players, I anticipated a fun day of golf, laughs and contests. Instead of the one thing I wanted to be focused on all day (FUN), I had three other things occupying my mind and decision-making that morning (WEATHER, SAFETY, TIME); none of which worked in our favor. I’m not in the mind-set right now to type out a minute-by-minute replay of why the decision was made to call the tournament after the first round, but if any player feels they need an in-depth account of how/why I came to that unfortunate conclusion, feel free to call me after 6pm any time this week and I will be more than happy to walk you thru the series of events if it will help you understand that caaling-it was the best solution. 316-308-2263.

Weather - lightning delays, rain, cold wind… bunk ingredients for pace of play and over all fun

Safety - lightning, soaked-clothing in cool temperatures (many golfers were not equipped with water-resistant garments), footing on wet, muddy grounds and tee pads

Time - the Weather factor mentioned ate up all the time required to finish a second round regardless of afternoon weather conditions(which was more rain). Playing a second round into the dark with fully soaked clothing and steadily dropping temperatures brings the Safety factor back into play along with the previously mentioned safety issues regarding footing which is an ingredient for possible personal injury as well.

The Decision to Call-It – This is my one event per year. THE CALL WAS BASED ON THE 3 FACTORS MENTIONED ABOVE. Whether I know you on a personal level or not, it would affect me greatly if any fellow disc golfer was injured while participating in an event at which I am deemed “In Charge” of. It was hard enough seeing some of you leave mid-round and some of you shivering without a rain jacket or umbrella.

AGAIN – if you need an in-depth explanation of how these 3 factors interacted with each other and culminated into the final decision, I am more than happy to have that discussion with you in person, thru email, or a phone call.

Now on to some much needed thank yous! Please read thru these since the rain pretty much cancelled the opening speech at the player meeting. Every sponsor and person that contributed in any way did so with the full intention and hopes of helping provide a kick ass day of Golf and Fun. Even though the day did not go as planned, each person and business on this list needs to be acknowledged and thanked for their support.

MY WIFE – helping me prepare since January, keeping me organized and in line. I love you for always being there. She understood how crushed I was after Saturday and a nice big hug and helping her with some laundry :D really helped me calm down.

MY BROTHER – He’s always there to help me and is a key part of my life and without him The Handeye Supply Company would not be developing into the world’s leading Athletic Apparel Manufacturer.

Handeye’s Physics of Flight Bureau – Another essential part of what makes my ventures and dreams a reality. I consider these guys my brothers and the greatest of friends. I am very thankful for all their help and putting up with me when I go into to full A-Hole Mode. Wiggins, Fluty, Wyatt, and the Swede; Thank you for all your help and support.

Dynamic Discs – Jeremy and his staff have always supported me as a golfer and as an upcoming business entity. I wouldn’t have the Disc Golf resume I have now without the help and love from Dynamic Discs over the past 4 years. Disc molds and great bags are a couple of true testaments to all their hard work and passion for Disc Golf. GBO2013!!!!!!

Smitty – Another great friend and team mate. Always giving me much-needed advice and guidance. A great role-model when me and my brother first started. I strongly recommend getting a Hyzernaut Bag Tag and a KDGA membership and get to know this guy. You will learn something and have a ton of laughs getting some rounds in with him.

Jason Adkins – Luckily loves numbers and has helped me with the scores and payout the last 2 years. Without him on the scene, I might have just barricaded myself in the bathroom at Busters until everyone left. You would have been totally justified getting hammered and peeing all over Wiggins laptop after the awards.

Jason Childre – A great person to have on your side. Has helped wrangle up Derby sponsors all 3 years. Go-To-Guy in Derby. Hope to see you at some KDGA events this summer and at league more often bro!

MACEMAN – Brandon is another KDGA Veteran and good friend. His advice and guidance is priceless and he is always a pleasure to party and golf with. Play the Rock in Salina and/or the State Championships and have a beer with this dude. You will hear a funny story or two and hopefully it will involve Wild Wild West.

EVERYONE WHO HELPED SET UP AND TEAR DOWN – If i tried to list all of them, I might miss one or two...You know who you are. There were a couple I had never even met before that jumped right in to help with the tables, tents, gear, etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me a hand. Your deeds will not go unnoticed or unrewarded with me.

OUR SPONSORS – this list of people and businesses helped out in any way they could and most are repeat sponsors from the last 2 years, but we also had a handful of great people contribute. Thank you for your support and I look forward to having you involved in next year’s Fling 4: Unfinished Business in no particular order:
Disc Unlimited (Dennis, thank you for coming and thanks for always having a smile on your mug)
Wheat State Pizza Derby
Disc Golf Mania – The best disc golf shop in Wichita and will forever be the first store to ever carry Handeye Supply gear. Ryan is always stoked on golf and is always down to help the sport grow. Thanks for all you contributed this year. The Diamond Island’s basket was awesome! Looking forward to working with you this year on some fun projects.
Rock Liquor Derby – Sponsor all 3 years. One mile east of the course. Even if it is for a league or casual round and you need a refreshing adult beverage, stop be there for all your thirsty needs.
City of Derby – The city has put a ton of man hours in on clearing out and improving the overall look of the course and Golf needs the support of Cities like Derby.
ACDGC – President Michael Schoenhofer and all the board members work hard year round for no pay to make sure the club, its members, and the local disc golf scene continue to grow.
Team 916 – Jason and Mel Snodgrass, the Cejas and Blatnick had me laughing off the day’s heartache later that night at busters. Thanks for the beers and shots and the good times. I love kickin it with funny people. My kind of crowd for sure. I wish Dodge City was closer. Please bring as many Slingers as possible to Beloit this year. it will be way more fun having them on site.
Tyler Patzner – Drove a long way to be a part of Saturday. On behalf of science and earth in general; sorry for the weather. Thanks for the support and making the trip. Please message me a shipping address as I forgot to give you something Saturday night.
CoolDaddySlickBreeze – Bobby is a cool photographer…if you see him at an event snapping pics, ask him to get some shots of you while in the round. He will. Or if you just want a group pic with your travlin buddies. He’ll do it. give him your contact info or go to his website…there will be a link to view your pics and purchase them for a great price. He knows his angles and they will be great shots to show your grandkids.
Green Refinishing – Joe Boller is an up and coming local. He knows how to throw and I look forward to golfing with him when he moves up. I’ve seen a few pictures of his refinishing work and it looks very legit.
Little Busters Derby – Busters has given us a safe haven for partying all 3 years. Great staff, drinks and food. Another spot to hit up if you are passing through Derby for any reason or after a league or event. They have a tournament disc and tee sign from last year hanging on the wall so you know they are down with DG.
Bob Decker with Hiebert & Decker CPAs/CHTD – Big Bobby D couldn’t make it this year but has always supported the event and always has a good tale about his college drinking days. Pay up my tab, Dad!
Chris “The Duck” Dendurent – the Legend himself is another local hero who is always down to support things if it involves throwing discs of any kind. Thanks Duck! Ryan has something for you
Chuck Evans at Precision Masonry - Thanks for the support! I've never seen anyone throw that many minis at a mini basket in an hour :D
Freddy’s in Derby – Christian at Freddy’s has supported us in the past and is always ready to staff up when a herd of tossers come to town. league, event, passing thru…stop there for a bite to eat and let him know you’re a disc golfer.
Commerce Bank – My brother’s GF’s mother works for commerce and wanted to help us out a little. Thank you very much and we look forward to including Commerce Bank in our events in bigger and better ways next year.
Arty Hicks, Shane Crisler, Curtis Broadhurst, and Paul Hanger all kicked in some really sweet prizes that people battled it out for on the mini basket later that night at Busters

One more THANK YOU to the list above. The only thing I can really say after all is said and done is, “I am truly sorry the way things went Saturday. the good news is I highly doubt the future Flings will ever be THAT bad.” I hope to see you all in Derby next year, later in March or April. Sometimes it goes good, sometimes it goes bad. That’s the way she rolls , boys.”

Crispin Thomas Carrasco
Handeye Supply Company
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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby mehuntdisc » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:16 pm

I know from experience hosting school events that it is never and easy decision to call off a tourney/meet/or game. You did a huge amount of groundwork and it was a fun event even though it was cut short. With the lightning, mud and rain, I wholeheartedly support your decision and look forward to Fore!Fathers4. You did the right thing.

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby smitty » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:29 pm

There really is no back-up plan for a day like we had. You do the best you can with what you are given. You never really know what is going to happen will it blow over? Will it stop and just soak the area? Will someone get killed by lightning. From the phone call we had at 6:00 AM until I turned my card in after the first round I was trying to figure out how we could get the most safe golf in. I was dreading the round the entire way to Derby...but managed to have a great time playing the round.

The right call was made in my Opinion.


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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby Tito » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:20 pm

I had a blast slippin and sliding around in the mud! Really liked how holes 9 and 12 were utilized - hanging basket and elevated basket - very cool! The after party was rad too. Considering the conditions, its a huge testament to the organizers - because the spirit of disc golf prevailed and lots of fun still occurred! Its great that nobody died but that would have been one hell of a way to go :P Thanks Crispin and crew for the sweet event! looking forward to the next

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby b » Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:14 pm

Crispin stuck with the plan, which was to have fun, and that wasn't happening on the course.
I would have stayed home if it had been raining at home.
In hindsight, plus a few memorable past nightmares, I would be in favor of delayed starts, especially with the instant radar available now. Give players options to wait or get out. It may mean fewer holes played but in better conditions to wait even 2-3 hrs.
Again, all credit to Crispin and the staff for a well planned event. If you start out guessing the weather you'll never win. With global warming March is the new April.

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby smitty » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:26 am

The Gospel according to Bud.

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Re: Derby Fore!Fathers Fling, March 9th

Postby Swede » Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:12 am

Congrats to THE Dazzle on his highest rated round ever. Thanks to King for doing the best under the worst. Here's your K-Rated rounds

JD Wyatt 1041
Ronnie Unruh 1009
Ron Convers 1001
Smitty 1001
Jared Kintzel 994
Casey Fluty 994
Ben Wiggins 986
Phillip Schmidt 986
Iqbal Jehan 986
Joe Belsan 986
Curtis Broadhurst 978
Brendan Hickman 978
Brandon Nelson 970
Bo Carrasco 970
Shane Crisler 962
Joe Boller 962
Aaron Suiter 962
Greg "boebo" Larmer 954
Eric Blatnick 954
James McLauglin 946
Andy Horning 946
Shan Mann 946
Jason Snodgrass 946
Chris Dendurent 946
Russ Horning 946
Ryan Doyle 946
Mark Morris 946
Stphen Volbruck 946
Chris Brubock 946
Buddy Kassner 939
Thom A. Vierthaler 939
Tyler Patzner 939
Max Whaley 939
Kevin Kaiser 939
Mike Unruh 931
Austin Streit 923
Brian Thompson 923
Rod Cooley 923
Dennis Vahsholtz 923
Lenny Edwards 923
Zachary Young 923
Jerhamy Heckman 923
Mike Junod 915
Jeff Vest 915
Tim Brown 915
Miranda Fulton 915
Jim Miner 915
Marty Hunt 907
Brandon Tull 907
Jeff Laha 907
Don Zimmerman 899
Steven Deere 899
Scott Glass 899
Patrick Smith 899
Corey Harrison 899
Paul Hanger 899
Tod Palmer 899
Russell Trice 891
Tracy Ruder 891
Jason Childre 891
Robert Coley 891
Scott Parker 883
Robert Robbins 883
Jason Adkins 883
Mark Wilson 883
Arty Hicks 883
Bill Taylor 883
Daniel Couey 883
Chuck Evans 883
Taylor Camp 876
Adam Hartley 876
Nathan Taylor 868
Ryan Ashby 860
Will Whillock 852
Loyd Majors 844
Arturo Ceja 844
Lloyd Majors 844
Cae Morris 828
Armando Ceja 820
Jeremy Kindy 813
Mel Snodgrass 813
Jason Dahl 813
Jerry Sherwood 797
Tom Diener 797
Steve Brown 789
Michael Mendenhall 757
Throw Millennium.

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