why join the PDGA?

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why join the PDGA?

Postby superq16504 » Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:05 pm

I am interested in hearing good reasons to join. I guess I should say good reason to renew. when I first joined the PDGA it was 35$ for a year, you got everything you get now. since I havent been a member I dont see the workings of the PDGA, but I am interested in what they do to grow the sport. As it is now, my only incentive to shell out the 75$ would be if I planned on playing an A tier, or 8 or more sanctioned events. I went last week, and again today to see if I could answer the question about the PDGA and thier works, only to find the site offline (and it seems to be down more than up recently)

I have seen rants and raves about the PDGA on other sites, I know there are some members here that are strong with the PDGA so lets see!

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Re: why join the PDGA?

Postby smitty » Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:48 pm

Good question. Here is how I look at it.

1) Able to play A-tiers and NT's (haven't this year and probably will not)
2) Save $10 at each PDGA event.
3) Track my rating and rounds. (even if you aren't current they still keep track of them until you are, I think)
4) Keep my sponsorship from Discraft.

Why I wouldn't
1) The website SUCKS! and only works half the time.

I really have a hard time getting new people to sign-up. I would rather see them support their local clubs and the Kansas Disc Golf Association.

KDGA is by far a better investment. $30 for all divisions. Disc and a shirt every year. BBQ in Beloit if you play it. Free dinner at the finals if you come. $50 entry fee to the finals if you qualify. Bag tag this year (minis other years). Site the nearly always works.

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Re: why join the PDGA?

Postby ronconversjr » Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:23 pm

Besides the usual stuff, the PDGA also gives grants to help promote Disc Golf, they maintain the rules and standards of the sport, provide a target for corporate advertising, provide demographic info for park depts and other parties interested in finding out about disc golf. Competetive Disc golf has advanced to where it is now, because of the efforts of the PDGA, and through it's volunteers.
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