Chronology of Kansas courses

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Chronology of Kansas courses

Postby str8 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 1:44 am


I've started this topic many times, but with your input, we'll get it done.
Here's what I have based on my research, some friends and the 2003 course directory.


- Topeka, Crestview Park. Nine holes designed by high school students. Later redesigned for 18. I'd like to know a name if anyone knows.


- Lindsborg, Lindsborg Football Field. Nine holes designed collaboratively with ? and Ed Headrick. Anyone know who else helped? BTW this course is no more, correct?


-Wakeeney, Boy Scout Park. Designed by Paul Wildeman. Installed in the spring to summer months. BTW this course is no more.

- Hays, Frontier Park. Designed by Ron Rice and Co. installed Sept. of 1983. To the best of my knowledge, it is the last remaining original course.


Kansas City, Rosedale Park. I don't know who designed it or the time of the year it was intstalled. Any educated guesses?


Winfield, Cherry Street Park. I'm guessing Harvey had something to do with this one, but not for sure. Ask Harv what time of year it was intstalled.

Valley Center, Flying Bee Country Club. It has Bill Paulson listed as a contact, so if anyone talks to him occasionally ask him what time of year it was installed and who desinged it.

1989 - (Myers remembers playing Beloit in 89, says established 95 in CD)

Wichita, Herman Hill. Anyone no who designed it or when it was installed?

Manhattan, KSU Campus. Do they still play this course? Again, a designer and time installed.


Hays, Rolling Hills. I know all on this one.

Winfield, Southwestern College. Need a course designer and time installed.

1991 (Herington was in DGWN in 91, but no date cited in CD)

Emporia, Jones Youth. Need a designer and time of year installed.

Lawrence, Centennial Park. Need a designer and time of year installed.


McPherson, Lakeside. Need a designer and time installed.


Stockton, Stockton City Park. Need a designer and time installed.

Topeka, Lake Shawnee. Need a designer and time installed.


Beloit, Chataqua Park. Need a designer and evolution of park. Date in the CD is probably wrong.

Colby, Villa High Park. I'd guess Kyle had something to do with this?


Kansas City, Rosedale Down Under. Need a designer and time installed.


Fort Scott, Gunn Park. Need a designer and time installed.

Manhattan, Cico Park. Need a designer and time installed.

Manhattan, Tuttle Creek. Need a designer ant time intstalled.

Pratt, May Dennis Park. Need a designer and time installed.

Ransom, Grissel Park. Smitty, I'm sure you know the exacts.

Wamego, Pennyland Park. Need designer and time installed


Hutchinson, Carey Park. Was this Macedad?

Newton, Camp Hawk. Designers and time installed.

Norton, Elmwood Park. Is this right Don? Or is the date wrong on this one too? I know Ron helped, but was there anyone else? How bout the time of year?


Colwich, Cowskin DG Park. Need a designer and time installed.

Great Bend, Windy Hill. Heard rumors Harv contributed to this one. Need t confirm designer and date of birth.

KC Wyandotte, County Park. Need designer and DOB.


Ellis, Sky View Park. Pretty sure Kevin Rorabaugh designed it, and I can get a hold of him I think. The new 9 holes were installed in July of 2004.

Olathe, California Trail. Need a designer and a DOB.

Topeka, Rice Park. Need a designer and a DOB.

Wichita, Riverlawn Christian Church. Need a designer and DOB.

Also, I realize Dodge City, Emporia's East side, and Hoisington aren't listed. Are there any other courses I missed? Now, if anyone knows of dates that are incorrect, please post it. Talk to golfers in your community and try to figure out who helped design courses and what time of the year they were installed. I figure it will be easier to do it by seasons if months aren't remembered.

If you know anything about any of these courses please post it.

I need your help yall.


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Postby str8 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 2:00 am

Oh yeah,

Wichita, Oak Park; Salina, Lakewood Park; Parsons, Forest Park; Olathe, Prairie Center Park; and Herington, Herington DGC; have no dates listed in the directory.

It's my understanding that it's the responsibility of the PDGA's State Coordinator to update and make revisions to the directory every year. Just thought I'd pont that out. Funny how the SC for the state of Nebraska has visitied our site, but not our own rep.


Master Dyck
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Postby Master Dyck » Fri Sep 17, 2004 6:43 am

As for Lindsborg....the only reason that there is no course there is because someone stole the baskets.....I have been informed that some students and possibly some faculty are interested in getting those baskets yes there is still a course there but no baskets in the ground at this time......

I started playing DG in 1995 and the Norton course was already in place for a couple of years so I would put it at 1992-93 but check with Don for the exact date........

Also the Hutch course has had it's own history moving back and forth but if you are talking about the new 9 there were a bunch of included...involved in designing the new nine and the changes to the old nine.... The best person to contact here would be either Randy Mattingly or Jack Mace or Dale Bare or Brian Shields....all may have some input...

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Postby Anita » Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:23 am

I do rely on the local folks to submit the course information to me or the PDGA site. Sometimes courses seem to install themselves under the cover of darkness. Lot's of little towns here have no idea that the PDGA exists and just put something in (Cozad, NE).

I do try to keep things updated such as if a course changes from 9 to 18 or tee pads are installed. I will also edit the driving directions if I think that they aren't up to scratch. I'm pretty picky on directions. I have wandered around looking for a course (Corning, NY) because the directions were so horrible.

I bet Dennis Vahsholtz could fill in many of the holes on your course chronology. He's been throwing as long as anyone.

PS I visit the KDGA page because you Kansas folks are just so much fun!

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Postby Eaglehigh99 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:02 am

Will try to get you some dates on the Wichita courses from Buddy or Jerry. Following is the short version:

18 hole course installed in Central Riverside (I believe sponsored by Wendy's) approximately 20 years ago. About a year later, that course was split with 9 holes going to Oak Park and 9 going to Herman Hill Park. Shortly thereafter, ACDGC added the additional 9 holes to Herman Hill Park. Don't take this as gospel since I wasn't around at the time. Hopefully, Jerry (or someone else around at the time) will either confirm or refute this info.

As far as Rosedale in KC; its my understanding that Ace Mason was responsible for the design and installation of that course. Again, hopefully someone will confirm or refute.

See you all in Topeka this weekend.

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Postby iqbal » Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:14 am

Once again Bob, you are incorrect.
Central riverside was put in '88. Herman Hill was never a 9 holer, but Ace Mason designed Rosedale and Water Works as well.

Nice thread Str8!
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Postby kyle » Fri Sep 17, 2004 9:46 am

Here's what I know Brett,

Colby was installed in the spring of 1995. Originally designed by Gary Schuette. Later (1998-99?) re-designed by myself. (still 2-3 original holes)

Norton was installed after Colby. (96-97) I beleive the 1st Oz tournament in Norton was held in 1998. DM4, is there a date on the monument on hole #1?

I also believe the Rolling Hills course in Hays was not there until at least 96-97. At least there were not baskets. Maybe it was an object course first?

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Postby _dm4 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:17 am

Master Dyck, Kyle, (and str8),

I will get back to you on that! Yes there is a date on the monument on hole 1, and even though I see it almost every day, I don't remember it, but here is the kicker... The date is for the day the course was dedicated, not the date it was installed. I think it was in the ground 2 years before the date on the stone! I will check sometime this weekend!

Ben B. would confirm for me. He was playing the course and might have even helped put it in. Dale H. would also know. Let me check and I will post. There might be some interesting facts to find.

str8, you have got us all interested. How many times did you have to bring this post up? You never give up and that is something I like about you!!

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Postby iqbal » Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:44 am

Riverlawn Christian Church in Wichita was designed by Todd McCutcheon. DOB was about 2 years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong Bob.

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Postby str8 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 2:01 pm


The Rolling Hills course was installed in 1990 as a pole course. Then in 1994 it received it's baskets. The Frontier had baskets installed in 1992. All this information came from the Parks Department, primarily Ron Rice, since physical records are obsolete, I have to trust his judgement.


disc golf superhero
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Postby disc golf superhero » Fri Sep 17, 2004 3:57 pm

Salina's original 9 designed and installed by Larry Pankratz in 1988.

Second 9 on the north side was probably 92. Designed and installed by us.

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Postby Sandman » Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:56 pm

Hey Iqbal was riverside that tonepole on the south east side of wichita?

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Postby str8 » Fri Sep 17, 2004 4:57 pm

Thanks Rich,

So, who all is included in "us?"


Notorious ROG
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Emporia 1980

Postby Notorious ROG » Fri Sep 17, 2004 5:04 pm

The 1st course in Emporia was an object course on ESU campus designed by Ray Wright & Roger Brickell in 1980. It utilized light poles, stautes, monuments etc and we threw 165 ultimate frisbees. It was used for several years...

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Postby disc golf superhero » Fri Sep 17, 2004 5:18 pm

Let's see who was "us". Well it wasn't Chad cause he was still in grade school and it wasn't Clint cause he was old and injured.

No I think Clint was there? I remember Ron Tangeman and Red being there cause Red about killed Ron.

So Ron, Red, and me. Ben Winholz was there. He was barking out orders. Pretty sure Clint, Kevin Carter, and Mark Salada. Kind of sure Noodles (Mark?), Ted Keith maybe. There were probably more but memory has faded. I smoked pot once since then.

It was in the fall I think. Seemed a bit chilly.

Clint's probably the one most responsible for the design. It's basically backwards from how we originally threw it when it was temporary.

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