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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:13 pm

I love the Fair grounds. I hope everyone else loves the Fairgrounds, and it seems like they do, there were twenty Salt City cool cats out there this beautiful April day, wait, January! KS State Fairgrounds course is 12 holes, played twice, Par @ 72

Richard Norwood 72 $$$$
Christopher Mattison 72 $$$
Darren Bottom 76 $$
Stan Hoschouer 76 $
Matthew Newton 78
Brian Shields 78
Kayla Griffin (Adam Strand) 79
Ryan Kintigh 79
Alexander Freeland 81
Brian Reeves 82
Justin Faucett 82
Kyle Anthony Norwood 90

Adam Voth 78 $$$
Zach Keasling 78 $$
Dusty Allen 78 $
Kim White 83
Nick Bianciella 84
Brian Webber 87
Javier Rivera 96
Zach Sage 129

This was a super outing, was nice to see some new faces! Thanks to Dusty Allen for getting the discs from the roofs! Ace fund is at 532, hitter taking HALF! Also, a proper thanks to Ryan Kintigh, he has done some amazing work getting sponsors for the Food Drive, Feb 28th! Flags are up for trees @ Carey Park! should be goin in within the week, Also, Some folks were interested in doing league @ Camp Hawk in Newton, I know I am interested! What say you flyers?

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:13 pm

Wow. That sums up my thoughts on todays league. 28 freaking people. Seven NEW faces in our league line-up, welcome brochachos, glad to have ya! And with that said... lets do er like we do: Carey Park, reg 18 (long three for Pros and Loooooooonnnnnngggggg 18 for everyone) Par 54

Chris Smith 51 $$$$
Darren Bottom 53 $$$
Ian S. Ray 54 $$
Matthew Newton 55 $
Mario Mendoza 55
Justin Faucett 57
Kayla Griffin (adam strand) 57
Brian Shields 59
Bubba Hoschouer 62
Adam Bleything 68
Alexander Freeland DNF (get feelin better b)

Jeffrey Updegrove 57$$
Damyn Donte Price 60 $
Zach Keasling 63
Dusty Allen 63
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 73

James Mapleseed 57 $$$$
Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 58 $$$
Bentley Richert 60 $$
Kim White 60 $
Tim Weaver 60
Aron White 60
Cody Chronister 61
Ty Herrington 62
Lanse Small 63
Doug Cline 64
Dennis Weaver 65
Chris (I didn't get your last name bro!) 65

Thank you guys. it was an awesome day, cannot wait to do it again! Debuted some new bunkers today (two, in fact) and, AND our new putting basket/18 long! Ace fund bumps to $560

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:00 pm

Rainy freakin DG... Let that round be a lesson to us. Unless you're Mattison, or Lucia... We had 10, "what's a little bit o rain" gents out this morning! Reg course, par 54.

Christopher Mattison 57 $
Matthew Newton 61
Kayla Griffin (adam strand) 62

James Lucia 57 $$ (numero uno brochacho!)
Kim White 60 $
Matt Finch 61
Justin Faucett 62

Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 65 $
Lanse Small 66
Bean 78

Ace fund to half of $542 and seriously, I don't know where James Lucia came from from, but he has arrived and you all should take heed, he means business! Good shooting today guys and thanks for making it happen!

Not to mention! The TREES ARE COMIN! We had trees, NEW trees on holes 18 and nine! Things are coming along nicely.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:44 pm

Temps in the 70s. Little Wind. 29 bromigos @ our lovely Carey Park. Reg Course (besides long 3 for Pros) Par=fiddyfo

Jeffrey Updegrove 48 $$$$ (I owe you 4 dollars sir)
Richard Norwood 48 $$$
Ian S. Ray 50 $$ (owe you two dollars)
Christopher Mattison 50 $ (you two dollars as well)
Bubba 53
Alexander Freeland 54
Matthew Newton 55
Brian Shields 56
Justin Faucett 56
Kayla Griffin (Adam Strand) 57
James Lucia 58
Zach Keasling 60
Brian Reeves 61

Troy Flager 54 $$ (I owe you two dollars)
Matt Finch 57 $
Kim White 59
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 59

Pat 55 $$$$
Tim Weaver 55 $$$
Doug Cline 58 $$
Bentley Richert 58 $
Ty Herrington 59
Aron White 59
Dennis Weaver 60
Chris 61
Lanse Small 61
Cody Chronister 61
Bean 62
Sean Buford 65

Ace fund jumpin to 571 hitter taking half! Next week, Valentines Day?! Buy your significant other extra flowers and swing thru for more DG. I fouled up a few payouts, take it off your next league round fellas? Sorry about that. Super fun day. See you cats Next Sat for SCFC. LRDGC tomorry @Carey Park! And don't forget, two weeks from today, CAMP HAWK disc golf DAY!

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby b » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:24 pm

whats your Feb schedule?

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:24 pm

it is posted in the "sched thread" in our hutch forum. Next date is this upcoming Sat @ 11 am at carey park. It was requested to put it on google calendar, I may in the future.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:00 pm

Today was an awesome day for SCFC and Hyzernauts alike! Salt City Flight Club made the way East and Joined Chris Smith Hyzernaut Mini, and it was indeed an awesome (Weather WAS permitting) day! Camp Hawk is par 72

Chris Smith 67 $$$
Matthew Newton 70 $$we
Christopher Mattison 72 $
Brock Ratzlaff 74
Brian Shields 79
Alexander Freeland 81
Casey Frischenmeyer 82
Kayla Griffin (adam strand) 82

Kim White 84 $
Lanse Small 88
Chris McLinn 90

Adam Voth 80 $$
Brian Webber 85 $
Cody Chronister 88
Shawn Teppish 109

I initially apologize for the change of times without proper acknowledgement to the folks that wanted to play. Genuinely apologetic.

Salt City at the Hawk Is something that I have wanted to do since our start, and I was beyond excited to do it (I think that I may have experienced my first ever anxiety attack with it!) Camp Hawk is something that we, being 27 miles away, should do more often. I love it! And I thank all of the Salt City guys that came out and did the league round AND the Hyzernaut Round! Thanks to Smitty for the Hyzernaut round. SCFC ace goes to...586 bones going into the Salt City Food Drive! Love you guys, thanks......

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:41 pm

It feels like it has been forever since last league. It was awesome to get together again! Spring is showing her face and all is well. 16 showed today. Our lovely Carey Park Disc Golf Course, par 54

Richard Norwood 47 $$$
Matthew Newton 51$$
Tommy two toes (Tom Vierthaler) 51 $
Ian S. Ray 52
Alexander Freeland 55
Ryan Kintigh 58
Kayla Griffin 63 (adam strand)

Troy Flager 57 $$
Dusty Allen 57 $
Gerrod Iamwhatiam Hearon 58
Kim White 58
Lanse Small 59

Shawn Brandi Gier Hobbs 56 $$
Jonathan Carroll 56 $
Aron White 58
Tony 63

Ace bumps to $602. Next league round will be NEXT Monday @ 530. Don't forget this Wednesday @ Wheatland Park Buhler. LRDGC! and, AND MAC ATTACK!!! This Saturday! That is a fantastic gig for sure. We will start new dates, with Saturdays for tournaments (and me sleeping in) Little River on sundays and Wednesdays, we'll be playing Mondays and Fridays. and that mean. Friday Night Flights.. Return of the Glow Round!!!! Stay tuned.

It was really good to see you cats today. Thanks.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:36 pm

Good weather and good folks, great recipe for DG. True story.
Carey Park Par 54

Richard Norwood 50 $$$$
Ian S. Ray 51 $$$
Jeffrey Updegrove 51 $$
Stanley Hoshcouer 53 $
Zach Keasling 53
Adam Strand 53
Brian Shields 54
Alexander Freeland 55
Matthew Newton 56
Ryan Kintigh 56

Dusty Allen 57 $$$
Shawn Hobbs 60 $$
Kim White 61
Troy Flager 62
Gerrod Hearon 62
Chris McLinn 63
Lanse Small 65

Jonathan Carroll 58 $$$
Alex Davis 59 $$
Josh Delgado 61 $
Ramon Francisco Vieyra 61 $
Tony Gideon 63
Arick Helus 63
Chad Cole 64
Bentley Richert 65

25 more towards that ace fund which is tipping the scales at $627, that's a good night @ The Rusty Needle or Olivers! Next SCFC round is THIS Friday @ 5:30! Darren Bottom and LRDGC will be here @ our lovely Carey Park this Wednesday! 5:30

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:02 pm

Last night was a blast. 22 for the night, which was beautiful. Classic Carey Park, Par 54

Christopher Mattison​ 49 $$$$
Darren Bottom​ 49 $$$
Jeffrey Updegrove​ 52 $$
Alexander Freeland​ 53 $
Matthew Newton​ 53
Stanley Hoschouer 56
Brian Shields​ 57
Adam Bleything​ 57
Zach Keasling​ 59
Gerrod Hearon​ 70

Alex Davis 54 $$
James Lucia​ 57 $
Kim White​ 59
Miguel Jose Mendez​ 59

Damyn Donte Price​ 55 $$$
Chris McLinn​ 57 $$
Bentley Richert​ 57 $
Adan Israel Rivera​ 58
Ryan Corkins​ 58
Aron White​ 60
Ramon Francisco Vieyra​ 61
Nate McConnell 62

Ace jumps to $649, hitter taking half. Super great time last night fellas. No better way to end the week. See you Sunday @ Wall Park Sunday for LRDGC and Monday at Carey for SCFC shenanigans! Peace out.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:12 pm

And yet another BEAUTIFUL evening in Hutchinson, at Carey Park Disc Golf Course​. Couple of new guys, quite a few old guys (figuratively, of course). Regular course, long three for pro div, Par 54

Christopher Mattison​ 46 $$$$
William Whillock​ 48 $$$
Chris Smith​ 48 $$
Brian Reeves​ 50 $
Matthew Newton​ 50
Jeffrey Updegrove​ 51
Adam Strand 53
Alexander Freeland​ 57
Tom Vierthaler 58
Brian Shields​ 58
Zach Keasling​ 58
Gerrod Hearon​ 66

James Lucia​ 55 $$$
Lanse Small​ 58 $$
Alex Davis 59 $
Troy Flager​ 60
Miguel Jose Mendez​ 61
Kim White​ 63
Dalton Heiter​ 63
Chad Cole​ 69

Six hundred and sixty nine dollars.... That's our ace fund (hitter taking half). $669! Nice. There was talk of a glow round this Friday, that is postponed until NEXT Friday, this Friday will be a nice alt course to break that, same course monotony. Thanks to our Newton bros for attending, always a pleasure with you cats! Thank you Alex Freeland for the assist, its greatly appreciated! This Guinness Extra Stout is for you cats, enjoy some storms, Peace out girl scouts.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:12 pm

Last Nights Results are in!!! And the verdict is..... we all want Playa Azul after league....

We ran an alternate course to keep folks on their toes, still par 54

Matthew Newton 52 $$$$
Richard Norwood 53 $$$
Jeffrey Updegrove 55 $$
Adam Bleything 57 $
Brian Shields 57
Zach Keasling 57
Kyle Anthony Norwood 58
Alexander Freeland 60
Gerrod Hearon 61

Dusty Allen 56 $$$
Ryan Kintigh 59 $$
Mario Brown 59 $
Shawn Hobbs 59
Keith Gregg 60 (welcome brother!)
Chris McLinn 60
Justin Faucett 65
Tony Gideon 69
Leon Eames 73

Front nine was longer holes, there were not too many shorties on the course, medium length at best. Lots of new lines. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it, and if anyone has any particular holes that they would like to implement into alt courses, speak up and lets play em! Ace fund kicks to $687 bones, hitter taking half, obviously. Playa Azul Mexican restaurant was the place after. with six participants battling it out with tacos and margaritas. Six way tie. Well played fellas. thanks to Alexander for helping after the show, and Brian Shields for helping before the show. Have a great weekend folks.

P.S. Good luck to all our bros @ Herrington today! Darren Bottom, Keasling, Bubba and others. THROW WELL!!!!

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:24 pm

Monday results ensue. Regular course, long three for pros (and one adv guy). Par=54.

Christopher Mattison 49 $$$$
Richard Norwood 50 $$$
Matthew Newton 50 $$
Ian S. Ray 53 $
Stanley Hoschouer 55
Brian Shields 56
Adam Strand 57
Dusty Allen 58
Zach Keasling 59
Gerrod Hearon 61
Alexander Freeland 65

Troy Flager 58 $$
Chris McClinn 58 $
Shawn Hobbs 60
Lanse Small 60
Brian Weber 62
Miguel Mendez 67
Mark Gregg 74

Ryan Corkins 61 $
Cody Chronister 63
Chad Cole 68

Puts ace @ $708. Hitter get half. Welcome Dusty Allen pro div, and Mark Gregg to the family. Fridays round takes us back to the glo. Rando flip glo dubs. Appropriately held @ Casa Del Norwood. There will be a carpool post later in the week, there will be lights fo sale. There will be fun had.

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:48 pm

Ahhhh. (that's the sound after a swig o' Jack&Coke.) What a fantastic night. 29 members of the SCFC fam showed today, and one member was chillin in Texas with Simon Lizotte, eh Aron White!? Par was 54 at our lovely Carey Park Disc Golf Course

Ian S. Ray 49 $$$$ (Boom)
Jeffrey Updegrove 49 $$$ (shakalaka)
Tom Vierthaler 51 $$
Matthew Newton 52 $
Stanley Hoschouer 53
Brian Shields 54
Dusty Allen 55
Adam Strand 56
Gerrod Hearon 56
Alexander Freeland 60

Chris McLinn 52 $$$ (Good shooting bro!)
Shawn Hobbs 57 $$
Miguel Jose Mendez 57 $
Alex Davis 58
Brian Weber 59
Ryan Corkins 59
James Lucia 59
Troy Flager 61
Keith Gregg 64
Mark Gregg 66

Arick Helus 54 $$$ (!!!)
Jadyn Garcia 58 $$
Ty herrington 59
Phil Burnside 60
Dennis Farrell 61
Chad Cole 64
Terry Ens 65
Bentley Richert 65
Doug Dick 65

Ace jumps to $737. And I realize that with crowds like this, we may change how we close the show out, hire some help! Thanks for the fantastic outing! We'll reconvene Friday @ 530, perhaps some dubs. Saturday is the Fore! Fathers Fling with Crispin Carrasco and Handeye Co.! This Wednesday is LRDGC @ 530! You all rock, and make this the fam it is. Thanks!

P.S. Someone has two tags... Just saying......

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Re: Salt City Flight Club

Postby Newt » Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:12 pm

Today was the day. Close calls, near misses and "Man! Two feet to the right!". Brian Reeves solidified that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, by SLAMMING an Orion LF into hole 5 for the ace. I personally didn't get to see it but watched the drama unfold from a hole away. Congrats bro! Well deserved! Not only did you ace, you and your partner took third in this evenings festivities!

SCFC Doubles......

Richard Norwood / Ryan Kintigh 47 $$$
Ian S. Ray / Matthew Newton 47 $$
Jonathan Carroll / Brian Reeves 48 $ (ACE!!!!!!)
Lanse Small / Kyle Anthony Norwood 49
Shawn Hobbs / Christopher Mattison 49
Jeffrey Updegrove / Brian Weber 50
Stanley Hoeschouer / Ryan Corkins 53
Zach Keasling 54 (Cali)
Arick Helus / Gerrod Hearon 57

We'll continue to do tag/point rounds on Mondays and doubles rounds on Fridays. We'll mix up the format for dubs. Today was "switch dubs" and that as a first for many a SCFC'r. Threre'll be more to come!

Tonight was a perfect night. In all aspects, just a great evening. Pay heed folks, come do SCFC league....

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