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Postby smitty » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:35 pm

Just thought that you Emporia boys might like to see this. I guess this is what happens when you run a good event.


Actually, evil dog, that was MY Pulp Fiction reference...and Boro....isn't being sponsored good enough, only one post per thread, j/k...hey'd you guys shoot at Pickard that day w/Sprague? Just curious, only 150+ days til Glass should tell Franks about that tourney, I think he would love that course and tourney....

I shot a 54 @ pickard from the "B" tee's
--Boro shot a 60 and Sprague shot a 58

Ps. I know all about playing golf in Emporia dudeness...never played a tourney there though....I will be there..

There you go Fratchman.

And hell yeah...I'm really looking forward to Emporia...Its been on the calander since the dates were announced! ~Team GDS 2005~

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