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Top Five Courses in Kansas?

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Post by _dm4 »

I have not played a ton of courses, but here are some of my favorite;

1. The Rock (Salina, soon to be permanent)

2. Hays (original tees and pins, but the new are growing on me)

3. Newton (especially with that huge tree down right in front of one of the tee boxes! It's the one where you drive through the trees... :wink: )

4. Emporia (the one that was “new” at their tourney)

5. Hutch is good either way!

There are other courses I like too that could easily be on this list, like Wichita (Herman Hill), Salina (both sides are cool), Ellis (have not played all the new holes), Pratt, and others. I have not played most of the courses in the eastern most part of the state and look forward to it! I have seen a KC wide and Swope Gold looked awesome!
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Post by Schoen-hopper »

I haven't played all the courses, but I have more than a few favorites...

1) Hays- Frontier Park

2) Ted's Dread- Rural, privately owned KC courses

3) Salina- The Rock (not yet installed)

4) KC- Rosedale Down Under

5) KC- Rosedale

6) KC- Wyandotte Co. Park

7) Lawrence- Centennial Park

8) Manhattan- Tuttle Creek River Pond

9) Wichita- Herman Hill Park

10,11) Emporia- Jones Park (2 courses)

12) Hutchinson- Carey Park

13) Winfield?- Pecan Grove Course (not yet installed)
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Post by Schoen-hopper »

My 8) became a happy face? These weren't necessarily in order except for the first 3.
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Post by Schoen-hopper »

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Post by Schoen-hopper »

8 )
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Post by iqbal »

:mrgreen: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :mrgreen:
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Post by paul »

my favorite despite not playing very many kansas courses would have to be the temporary grove course harv had for the rain, i mean winfield tournament.
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Post by jnotty »

Just playin-those are the top 3 worst coarses in Kansas
1-Waterworks(It's close enough to Kansas)
2-Frontier :o
3-The Rock :shock:
4-Herman Hill 8)
5-Beloit :wink:
There is supposedly a new course popping up this fall that is supposed to be bad ass in Tecumsah, Kansas. they were handing out flyers at Wakarusa festival this summer, and some highlights were ponds to throw over, concessions stand on course, and an (herbal greenhouse) :twisted: on the course :?: whatever that could be, I do not know
Master Dyck
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Post by Master Dyck »

I've been thinking long and hard about this one....My top five list is not my oppinion of the best or most challenging but rather if I were to move to a town where I could only play that course for the rest of my life which course would I have the most fun playing at....

#1 The Dyck Course (although it's not finished and we're changing it all the time, how could I pass up living and playing the best sport in the world on the farm where I grew up. I hope you all get a chance to play it during the next year. You all are welcome anytime just call first to make sure I'm here.) 620-345-2345

#2 Norton (my best friend lives there, I have the course record there, get rid of the rodeo, car races, gazeebo, ball diamonds, skate park and the county fair and it's the most desirable course for me in the state)

#3 Hutchinson (my mom lives in Hutch so I rarely pass up the chance to play there, it is my birth course where I first learned to play, I helped to design the newest nine holes)

#4 Newton (great layout and design, would love to play it every day for a year to see how good I could get on it)

#5 Dodge City (the only course where I can beat Smitty!!!)
Leo D.
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Post by Leo D. »

Hum.... lets see here
1. Emporia (East side homies)
2. Beloit
3. Manhattan
4. Big Shunga
5. Crestview (Gold)

I would put water works up there but it is MO. and swope is right up there too.
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Post by Sandman »

In no particular order...........

1. Hays
2. Beloit
3. The Rock (if it ever goes permanent)
4. Manhattan
5. Rosedale
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Post by iqbal »

1. Rosedale Backwards - tourney every Jan. 1st
2. Herman Hill skip-a-hole
3. Emporia - east course
4. The Rock
5. Lawrence
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top 5 courses in kansas

Post by stauf »

i haven't played hays, but obviously it's a favorite of a lot of players.

my favorite course is camp hawk outside newton, not only is every hole birdieable, but every hole is a possible double or triple bogey. it's an 24 hole oasis of discgolf in the middle of kansas.

2. the rock in salina(temp)

3. emporia

4. across the river course in winfield(temp)

5.oak park in wichita
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Post by smitty »

Crestview gold
Lake Shawnee temp.
Big Shunga

They should be in most peoples top 10 Kansas courses.

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Post by superq »

No order


emporia (east)


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