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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby Schoen-hopper » Wed May 04, 2011 10:46 am

Going to have an alt pin for each hole? Cool thing about Thomas is there is certainly room for it. I'm guessing most holes would have to be shorter, but a few could be longer?

Right now, I think of this course as a pro par 57. Not sure what 1000 rated golf would be, though I think Phil used a file a couple times last year to figure this out based on league play. Probably about 54. Putting alt pins in could change the difficulty of the course if they are much different than what is there now.

What ideas do you have now? You going to put a pin for hole 1 across the road? 17 could have a basket all the way at the end of the straight tunnel? One off to the right for 14?

Hard to improve on many of these classic holes. Going shorter usually isn't as interesting unless there is a cool feature that isn't in play for the current placement. But sometimes it's harder to find room longer, like holes 5 through 9? If you can find or cut a niche in the trees for a tough pin placement a shorter hole could still be interesting if the putt/approach is tough.

Going longer usually involves even more cutting, but can lead to some killer holes. Right now, I think of holes 2, 14, and 17 as par 4's. With some longer locations on some of the more difficult par 3's, these could become par 4's as well.

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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby Austin » Wed May 04, 2011 3:13 pm

Alt Pins.

Hole 1- Has alt pin. Across the road. Think it is around 650' in length.
Hole 3- Same length, tighter to the woods on the left side of the gap.
Hole 6- Has alt pin. Just outside the trees deep.
Hole 7- 30 foot longer, 30 foot left. Will be a tough angle from the pad.
Hole 8- Will make the hole more of an "S" shot. A little longer and left.
Hole 9- Has almost a tunnel to a basket 45' right of current pin. Will be very tight.
Hole 10- Deeper. Between two trees where the path heads to 11's tee pad.
Hole 11- Shorter and left. Will be a long guarded hyzer for power players.
Hole 12- Further right, giving the hole more of a horse shoe shape.
Hole 13. Altrenate tunnel to the right. A touch longer.
Hole 14- Across from current pin on the right side of the opening near the trees.
Hole 15- Shorter and behind the ceader on the right side of the fairway.
Hole 16- Deeper in the opening behind the current pin.
Hole 17- Will be a new tunnel that will be a sharper angle to the right.
Hole 18- Shorter and in an opening on the right side of the fairway. Will be nicely guarded.

We have a few more sleaves than that, so we can add more as we go. Who knows how all the holes will look once we get all of the dead pine out of the park.

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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby disclizard » Wed May 04, 2011 4:23 pm

Thomas is already one of the best courses. hard to believe that it could be improved but..... sound like you may have put a killer twist on all the holes. I can't wait for a chance to get out there and play the new pin placemeents. Will you be changing them up often? You could do so many differnt layouts now. all long, all short , every other one long, front nine short back nine long. Man the possebilitys are endless. :D
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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby Mace Man » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:19 am

We sprayed 16 gallons of poison ivy killer at Thomas last Saturday. There is still a lot to spray but hoping do the same this weekend.

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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby discscout » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:08 am

On the hopes of making at least the Sunday Thomas tourney, I stopped by the course for the first time on Thursday on my way to Ottawa to help my son with a patio project. As it turned out the project required every bit of three days from the both of us and I did not feel right leaving him with the job unfinished so did not make the tourney. However, I look forward to playing there again as this is a fun course, One of the best in Kansas. Superjob to all that laid this out. If not already done so, This needs to be on a website that tells golfers across the country that when traveling I-70, this is a must stop and play.

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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby Austin » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:27 pm

This Saturday at 8am we will be having a workday to get the course ready for the tourney coming up. Club will buy some food and beers when we are done. If you are on facebook post something there about the workday.

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Re: Thomas Park Workday

Postby Austin » Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:41 am

Harvey W. is doing workdays at Thomas on Mondays at 5:30. Bring any tools you might have that would be helpful.

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