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Southern Nationals Disc Golf

Postby jacques » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:39 pm


My name is Jacques Giraud, I am a currently serving board member of the Southern Nationals Disc Golf Series and recently assumed responsibility for Outreach.

I want to introduce us, the SN Series, and pass on a little information about who we are, what we do and also to find out if any opportunities exist for us to work together.

We are a tournament based points series, started in 1996, that runs throughout many of the states in the Southeastern US and culminates in yearly championships for Professionals, Amateurs and Doubles. We are not PDGA affiliated but some of our events are dual sanctioned depending on the preferences of the tournament directors and local players.

There is nothing to join so there are no annual fees or memberships for players. It costs $3 per head (excluding novice and junior players) to sanction with the SN, payable after the event is over and the only paperwork to do is an excel spreadsheet with the results so they can be added to our database and posted to our website.

Every player who participates in a single tournament during the season automatically qualifies for the championships where nearly all the sanctioning fees collected throughout the season are returned to the players. The championships are held in different cities each year, determined by competitive bids from perspective hosts. In addition, five of the coveted spots for the USDGC are up for grabs at the Southern Nationals Pro Championship.

Events that sanction receive insurance as part of the $3 per head fee with no additional charge for providing a certificate of coverage. Additional named insured parties can be easily added for a small fee should private landowners or parks departments require it.

Please reply with any questions that you might have about the SN and I will gladly answer them.

Thank you very much!

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