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Region 2

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Region 2

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The KDGA is looking for motivated individuals to take the positions of Regional Representatives. We are going to try and use an election process this year, instead of just appointing someone the job. In the past this job has just been little more then a title. Starting in the 2010 season this job is going to be very instrumental in making the KDGA run smoothly. Mace, Hopper, and myself feel like we shouldn't be the only people responsible for making decisions for the KDGA and all of its members.

Duties of the Regional Representatives:
1) Promote the KDGA at as many events in their region as possible.
2) Vote representing their region at KDGA board meetings.
3) Collect registration for new members in their region.
4) Distribute KDGA membership packages to members in their region.
5) Collect and deposit KDGA fees from events in their region.
6) Find ways to keep KDGA members of their region involved in KDGA tourney play.
7) Moderate all forum threads with in region.
8) May have other KDGA duties as the year progresses.

1) Must be a current KDGA member.
2) Must have been a member the previous year.
3) Must live in the region you are running to represent.

If you would like to be considered for this position. Please submit a short letter of interest to me via a PM or using kansasdiscgolf@hotmail.com.

After receiving your letter of interest I will post it on the KDGA forum. We will then conduct a vote of our members to elect 5 regional representatives.

Region 1 - Hays, Norton and all the small Western Kansas towns.
Region 2- Topeka, Emporia, KC, Manhattan and much of Eastern Kansas.
Region 3- Salina, McPherson, Beloit and Central Kansas.
Region 4- Winfield, Wichita and South Central Kansas.
Region 5- Newton, Hutch, Pratt and South West Kansas.
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