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KDGA membership

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KDGA membership

Post by Banjojerry »

Hi all,

I'm hoping to play a few KDGA events this year as a member. I have already participated in the Norton and Concordia events. I sent in my check and registration on Jan. 3, 2017. I still don't have a t-shirt, a stamped disc, and my name is not included on the points page or membership role. It's now April second. Is this typical? I hope not. My check still hasn't cleared. I'm thinking of putting a stop payment on it and just moving on. It is kinda pissin' me off to just seemingly be blown off. Can anyone in the KDGA fix this?
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Re: KDGA membership

Post by mikey »

I sent a msg to Jason he would be the one to take care of this for you.
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Re: KDGA membership

Post by pironix »

Jerry, your check will be deposited tomorrow. I haven't been able to make a trip to the bank in awhile but will make it a priority tomorrow since I be downtown for work again where the bank is located.

The membership packages are just now becoming available. We do not order them until a few months in so we have a rough idea of anticipated membership for the year. We generally don't mail the packages out, we generally make them available at tournaments during the season for pickup. Keep an eye on the FB group for where they will be making an appearance, if you can't make it to a tournament where they'll be at I will try to make arrangements to get them shipped to you.
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Re: KDGA membership

Post by FlyingO »

I guess no one uses these forums anymore. Another example of facebook's dominance these days.
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