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Fresh (and less than fresh) finds @ the hawk

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Fresh (and less than fresh) finds @ the hawk

Post by Swede »

Lost a disc I shouldn't have and found some others in the process.

Damian Davenport, how bout I just keep this OS? :wink:
Kyle Wiedwald, I think I could learn to throw this Destroyer. Oxy Clean does a great job getting the brown funk off these stinking soldiers but it also took your stamp off.

Ashby, did you throw a putter in on 3/4 @ ICT league a few weeks back? Found a no namer but I thought I remembered you losing one there.

Hit me up you lucky suckas! I plan on hitting the Little Apple or buzzz me when you roll back through Newton.

Oh, and cheers to Matt Newton for returning a disc from Mac to a fellow Hyzernaut.
Throw Millennium.
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